• Our work on inferring likely method mappings across APIs was accepted in SCAM 2015.

  • In this paper, authors provide an overview of the program analysis platform “Tricorder” that is being currently used in Google for program analysis. They also present a set of guiding principles that went into creating the platform.

  • This blog was put together using Jekyll and Github Pages. Listed next are the steps I followed:

  • In this paper, authors attempt to address the pressing issues: “How much should we test? And when should we stop testing?” in part, by analyzing the development activities of 416 developers spanning several countries having varied experiences. They achieve this by having the developers volunteer the development information by installing a WatchDog plugin in their IDE’s (currently eclipse and IntelliJ Idea). Authors describe in detail what activities they monitor and explain how they co-relate the activity type with with various activities such as testing, reading code, running tools, or writing production code.

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