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Hi all…

I am Rahul Pandita, a Staff Researcher at Github.

My primary research interests are in data science and automated software engineering. I specifically work in the area of program comprehension targeted towards improving developer/tester/end-user productivity.

Previously, I worked as a Senior Researcher at Phase Change Software. Before that, I was as a postdoctoral researcher at Department of Computer Science NCSU working with Dr. Laurie Williams and Dr. Munindar Singh. I received my PhD. from NCSU in Computer Science. And I believe that “There is so much more left to be done…”. I strongly believe that there is always room for improvement …

Contact me at rahulpandita ~ ‘at’ ~ github ~ ‘dot’ ~ com.

Curriculum Vitae

Linked is my CV.


My primary research interests are in programming languages and software engineering. I specifically work on applying Natural Language Processing techniques on software artifacts to improve developer/tester/end-user productivity.