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Hi all…

I am Rahul Pandita, a Staff Researcher at Github.

My primary research interests are in data science and automated software engineering. I specifically work in the area of program comprehension targeted towards improving developer/tester/end-user productivity. I received my PhD. from NCSU in Computer Science. And I believe that “There is so much more left to be done...”. I strongly believe that there is always room for improvement ...

Relevant work experience:

  1. Staff Researcher, Github Next

    As a researcher at GitHub Next, I collaborate with other researchers/practitioners in the field of software engineering within Microsoft to design and implement novel proofs-of-concept to objectively access and recommend best software development practices in the area of code intelligence and human-computer interaction.

  2. Senior Research Scientist, Phase Change Software

    I kept up-to-date with relevant scientific and technical developments in software engineering, focusing on program comprehension and human-computer interaction. I gathered knowledge and researched leading-edge technology to develop a technology vision for transferring these technologies to practice. For instance, I led the teams that developed the MIA chatbot interface and agent interactions for the cognitive program analysis framework.

    I also established a research collaboration between Oregon State University and Phase Change to explore developer context and cognitive biases in software development. I lead teams in approved research assignments and prototypes to prove our design concepts. This often involved setting out requirements and designing, developing, and testing software prototypes per specified requirements. I also worked with the team to publish public-facing research in reputed scientific venues.

    I was part of the core group that set out architectural requirements for the product. I developed and documented system designs meeting functional requirements and design priorities for projects. For instance, I spearheaded the effort to decompose our monolith program analysis framework into a micro-services framework. I worked with the team to introduce and oversee the DevOps development paradigm at PhaseChange.

  3. Post Doctoral Researcher, North Carolina State University

    Preliminary exploration, design, and implementation of novel frameworks to objectively access and recommend best software development practices for security and privacy.

Contact me at rahulpandita ~ at ~ github ~ dot ~ com.

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